Novel-T is all about Innovation, change and everything else that excites.

We foster innovation to stimulate economic and social vitality of our environment, i.e. the East NL Twente Region. Novel-T integrates technology and societal relevance to generate impact. We initiate, develop and execute S2B (Science-to-Business) and B2S (Business-to-Science) innovation projects in the vibrant environment of the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Our most important target groups are students & scientists, young professionals in start-ups & scale-ups and innovative entrepreneurs High-Tech businesses.

Our services are centered around: - training and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the region - business development support, both in technology assessment as well as identification of market- & business attractivity and anticipation on ethical, legal and societal acceptance of innovative products and services. - transfer of technology and knowledge between partners in the innovation ecosystem (push and pull) - development of roadmaps and investment programs based on strong technology positions and societal trends - build and leverage a vibrant innovation community with public and private partners

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