Looking ahead: 20/21 academic year

Written by: Egor Tamarin

The past academic year has brought us many experiences. We have had successes, like hosting the 2019 Space Apps Challenge and organizing succesful trips to DLR, ESTEC and other events. On the other hand, we have had the restrictions imposed on our activities due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has slowed us down and made it harder to work on our projects. However, we have not given up - quite the opposite, in fact. Here, we want to share with you some details of what to expect in the next academic year.

Events and activities

Although many activities planned for spring did not happen, we did not want to completely cancel any of them. Thankfully, many of our contacnt and partners felt the same way, which has allowed us to plan some activities already:

Finally, we want to get in touch with our community more. It is our hope that social gatherings will be allowed so that we can host regular drinks, game nights and movie nights. Finally, we are working on getting the excursions planned previously, like the Airbus DS factory, back on track.

Engineering projects

In the last year, we have started a new initiative, RockUT, with the help of a group of ATLAS students. Even though they could not build the physical prototype due to the lockdown, they have created a design that we intend to bring to reality and demonstrate a launch. The UT-Cubed team has also progressed towards building a prototype satellite.

With the help of our members, we know that we can achieve new milestones in the coming year. It is exciting to think about the new developments, and we hope to bring you more updates as the projects develop.

The future is bright, so let's head there together!