AzimUT completes first test launch!

Written by: Egor Tamarin

Saturday, the 27th of February is a day that will be always marked in the calendar of Space Society Twente, because this is the day on which our rocket team, AzimUT, has successfully executed a test launch!

This first launch was a great opportunity to test all the required subsystems of the rocket in preparation for the main launch in the summer. The 3D printed parts of the rocket performed well, as well as the propulsion and recovery systems. Unfortunately, the electronics did not operate as intended during the liftoff, which caused us to miss out on some flight data. 

Now, the team is working hard on improving the design based on the launch experience, and there is a lot of excitement in the air! We are looking forward to the next launches -  the team is planning another test launch to verify the improved designs, and the official launch of the completed rocket will come in the summer of 2021. Follow us on social media, and stay tuned, for there are more exciting news to come…

Ivan Ouderkerk, the Engineering Lead, holding the rocket prototype