Looking back at the 2020/21 academic year

Written by: Egor Tamarin
The past academic year has surely been challenging. We still spent a lot of time at home, but even then we managed to accomplish some great things. Read an overview of our activities below!

The AzimUT team has put in a lot of effort over the past year to develop the rocket. Several iterations of the rocket have been built and tested to prepare for the official launch coming later this year. Thanks to the support from maxon motors and Eurociruits, the team was able to improve their design to make it more robust and efficient. The coming year has even more exciting things in store, which we will be announcing at the start of the next academic year!

The AzimUT team at the latest test launch

Staying at home ment that we could arrange more interesting lecture talks this year! Our guests included Andy McGarry, who talked to us about the scientific missions to the sun, Marc Klein-Wolt, who tols us about his team's contribution to the mission ot the other side of the moon, and Arno Wielders, who discussed options for colonizing Mars with us. We also had a great opportunity to take part in a virtual ESA tour, where we learned about the facitilites of ESA and the technoligies that they work on, like developing 3D printing in space and the European space plane. You can catch the replays of some of those events at our YouTube channel!

Lecture talk given by Marc Klein-Wolt

Finally, this year we have looked for ways to support the association and the AzimUT project. We have succesfully extended our partnership with maxon motors, who provide material support for our rocket. In addition to that, we have also signed a partnership contract with Eurocircuits, who will help us produce quality PCBs for the rocket's control circuitry.

In addition to that, we have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NVR (the Dutch Space Society).  In the future, we will work together on organising events and sharing knowledge between the two associations.

We are very happy to work with our partners and we hope that our collaboration continues in the years to come!