Discovering Space with ANDRÉ KUIPERS

Written by: Armin Purle-Kopacz

Dutch ESA-astronaut André Kuipers lived and worked for 204 days in the International Space Station. What is it like to live in space for such a long time? How did it change Kuipers’ worldview? According to Kuipers we are in fact all astronauts, on a fragile spaceship, called Earth. What valuable insights does space travel provide us, so that we can take better care of our planet? And what will the future bring; sustainable rockets and a manned mission to Mars? In cooperation with KIVI Students Twente, Arago and Space Society Twente.

Moderator: Jennifer Herek, Dean of the Faculty Science and Technology

Around 13:30 there’s a short break, followed by Q&A |

Place: Vrijhof/Agora