Space Society Twente wins Best Part-Time Board award!

Written by: Space Society Twente

Even though Space Society Twente has only existed for a few months, our ongoing mission - to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new activities for student space-enthusiasts in the region of Twente - has not gone unnoticed. During the 2018 More Than a Degree Awards, both jury and audience deemed the efforts and results of our board reason enough to designate Board #1 of Space Society Twente as the best part-time board of the University of Twente.

The announcement was made by dr. W.D. Bult - Spiering, Vice-President of the Executive Board, who listed increasing collaboration with industry partners as one of the key reasons for awarding Board #1 of Space Society Twente with this prize.

"As the first board of Space Society Twente, it is a privilige to receive this award so quickly after the creation of our association. Even though Space Society Twente is still a young and growing association, to see this amount of interest from the University of Twente community in our initiatives is incredible. We are humbled and invite everyone who is interested to join us on our journey to the stars."

- Sebastiaan den Boer (President of Space Society Twente)

The More Than a Degree Awards are organized every year by the Student Union of the University of Twente to recognize and reward the best student initiatives, full-time and part-time boards of associations, committees and individual students.