At AzimUT, we aim to construct a rocket capable of reaching an altitude of 1 to 2 km. AzimUT consists of six main activities to advance in the field of rocketry at the University of Twente.


The propulsion division focuses on the development and construction of the rocket engine. Work on propellant will be also done, such as research on selection and handling.

Ground Test Measurements

Ground testing provides adequate data on the engine's functionality and thrust. For this, a measurement station for engine tests is to be constructed. Optimization of the propulsion system is made possible by ground test measurements.

Structural System

This area of focus deals with the structural components of the rocket, such as the nose cone, fins, and fuselage. Materials research plays a vital role in this specialization. These components are to be designed to allow maximum aerodynamic performance.


The onboard electrical system is mainly responsible for the guidance, navigation, and control of the rocket throughout its flight profile, as well as flight measurement data. An Arduino-based data logger is to be designed, which will feed information to the rocket's software to orient its fins for flight stabilization.

Legal Obligations

Amateur rocketry is a matter of local safety. This entire project is to be carried out such that it is in compliance with the law. Licenses for the project should be obtained if necessary.

Systems Integration

This activity oversees the rocket's design in the big picture; how all parts and aforementioned subsystems join to assemble and launch a fully funtioning rocket as a whole.

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AzimUT is our attempt at constructing and launching a rocket.

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