AzimUT is the flagship project of Space Society Twente. We are actively developing and building rockets. The AzimUT team is a highly motivated, skilled, and disciplined team that would like to introduce rocketry to Twente. By combining our absolute interest, vast capability, and enormous motivation for rocketry, we plan to develop and build a hybrid rocket that could reach an altitude of a few kilometers. This ambitious project can be divided into four main groups, working together and helping each other where necessary.

Propulsion group

The Propulsion group focuses on the development and construction of the hybrid rocket engine. This rocket engine uses a liquid oxidizer and a solid fuel for combustion. The propulsion group consists of three divisions, that separately work on their respective sections, but intimately work together to integrate and build the three sections:

  1. Liquid division
    This division looks into the liquid oxidizer part of the engine. It investigates what oxidizer can be best used and how the oxidizer is pressurized, among other things.
  2. Valve, ignition, and injector division
    This division looks into the plumbing part of the engine. This consists of a valve to control the oxidizer and an injector plate to inject the oxidizer into the combustion chamber. It also designs and develops the ignition system.
  3. Solid division
    This division looks into the solid fuel part of the engine. It investigates what fuel can be best used and how to cast the fuel, among other things. It also designs the nozzle.

These three divisions will also perform ground test measurements. Ground testing provides adequate data on the engine's functionality and thrust. For this, a measurement station for engine testing is to be constructed. Optimization of the propulsion system is made possible by ground test measurements.

 Avionics group

This Avionics group focuses on the electronics part of the rocket. The onboard electrical system is mainly responsible for the guidance, navigation, and control of the rocket throughout its flight profile, as well as flight measurement data. This group designs a data logger and telemetry system, which will send real-time flight data to a computer on the ground as well as storing it on the rocket and which will feed information to the rocket's software for guidance. This guidance can be done by Thrust Vector Control (TVC). This group will also work together with the propulsion group for ground test measurements and the structural group for the launch pad.

 Recovery and Safety group

The Recovery and Safety group focuses on recovering the rocket after launch and keeping everything safe. It will design and test a parachute recovery system. Rocketry, although exciting, can be quite dangerous. This group has the purpose of ensuring the safety of everyone involved during all activities. This group also has the task of looking into legal obligations. This entire project is to be carried out such that it is in compliance with the law.

 Structural System and Integration group

The structural system and integration group deals with the structural components of the rocket, such as the fuselage, fins, and nose cone. These components are to be designed to allow maximum aerodynamic performance and overall structural integrity. This group develops the launch pad as well. It also oversees the rocket's design in the big picture: how all parts and aforementioned subsystems integrate to assemble and launch a fully functioning rocket as a whole.

Currently, we are still in the early stages of this ambitious rocket project. We want to form the AzimUT project into a real student team that will compete with other student rocketry teams around the world. So are you a space enthusiast? Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to introduce rocketry to Twente? Contact the board for more information!

Logo of AzimUT

AzimUT is our attempt at constructing and launching a rocket.

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