AzimUT is the flagship project of Space Society Twente. We started in 2021 and we are actively developing, building, and launching rockets. The AzimUT team is a highly motivated, skilled, and disciplined team that would like to introduce rocketry to Twente. By combining our absolute interest, vast capability, and enormous motivation for rocketry, we plan to develop and build rockets that could reach a few kilometers. Next year, in October 2022, we are aiming for participating in the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC). This ambitious project can be divided into three main groups, working together and helping each other where necessary.

Construction team

This team will focus on the engineering and construction of our rockets. A typical rocket consists of a rocket engine, a mounting solution for the rocket engine, a fuselage, a parachute deployment system, and a nose cone. Building a successful rocket can be quite a challenge. For example, the motor mount needs to withstand the forces of the rocket engine and the parachute needs to deploy successfully and at the right time. Another challenge is keeping the weight as low as possible, because any extra weight will decrease the maximum height of our rocket. Of course there are many more challenges to overcome.

Avionics team

The Avionics team focuses on the electronics and software of the rocket. Its activities range from PCB to embedded software development while keeping an eye on weight and size, therefore working in tandem with the construction team.
Design goals so far have been data logging and storage for environmental and flight characteristics, with new features such as wireless communication and GPS locating on the way. Future plans to control the rocket in-flight by the means of thrust vector control (TVC) are being thought out, placing even more of a reliance on this interesting field of rocketry.

Media team

The media team focuses on making our name known to other students and organizations, mainly through social media and events. They will communicate with our sponsors and organize team events and conferences. The best part is that this team will also design and paint the exterior of the rockets!

Currently, we are still in the early stages of this ambitious rocket project. We want to form the AzimUT project into a real student team that will compete with other student rocketry teams around the world. So are you a space enthusiast? Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to help introducing rocketry to Twente? Contact the board for more information!

Some members at a launch
Logo of AzimUT

AzimUT is our attempt at constructing and launching a rocket.

Emiel Scholten
Project Member
Hussein Abdelrahman
Project Member
Abdelrahman Tarek Said Eshy
Project Member
Ahmed Ali
Project Member
Noureldin Ibrahim
Project Member
Ahmed Babiker
Project Member
Ivan Ouderkerk
Project Lead
Glen te Hofsté
Project Member

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