Small Rocket Project

Have you always wanted to make your own rocket? Do you want to be an engineer of the future and do you like a challenge, but aren't sure yet if the (large) AzimUT project is something for you? Or do you simply like to build a small rocket to compete with other students? Then join the Small Rocket Project!

The goal of the project will be to launch an egg up to at least 100m, with a rocket that is designed, simulated, and built by a small group of students (2 to 3). The small rocket project will serve two purposes: to inspire new members to participate in the (large) AzimUT project, by giving them this experience, and to make sure that new members are not overwhelmed by immediately joining an existing team. You learn the basics of rocketry and it should most of all be fun to participate, especially because of the competition!

Contact the board for more information! Anyone can join, there are no other prerequisites than being intersted and motivated! This is a part-time project, a commitment of about 2 hours a week is expected


Season 2 is upcoming!

For now, the available budget will be about €30 per team. On special request this could be higher. We will provide the engine, the SRP members will have to design the whole rocket around that themselves. The available materials are mostly cardboard and 3D print. SST can provide those materials, along with the parachute.

After the end of the SRP season, members could choose to become a member of the large AzimUT project. It is also possible to be part of the AzimUT project while taking part in the SRP: finishing the SRP first is not a prerequisite. As with the AzimUT project, it will be mandatory to write a (small) motivation letter to join the SRP.

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Small Rocket Project

The SRP is a project for rocketry beginners

Armin Purle-Kopacz
Project Lead
Olivier Donker
SRP Committee Member
Gijs Knaken
SRP Committee Member
Luuk Winters
SRP Committee Member

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