Lecture talk: Science at the far side of the Moon

February 18, 2021 19:00 - 20:30

Space Society Twente (click for directions)

In May 2018, a low-frequency radio instrument built by a Dutch consortium led by the Radboud University was launched to the back of the moon on a Chinese satellite. This instrument is currently the only low-frequency radio observatory in space, and the first contribution of a Dutch team to a Chinese space mission and to a Lunar mission. The goal of this instrument is to detect the very weak emission from the very early universe and for instance to learn how the first starts were born. But the road to the moon was not easy - in this talk Marc Klein Wolt will explain the challenging and breakthrough science, but also the challenges in working with the Chinese and building in instrument for space in just two years.

The talk will be streamed live on the Space Society Twente YouTube channel!