From the first daredevils who strapped rockets on gliders to the famous X-15 and Space Shuttle: rocket planes have captured people’s amazement and were assumed to be the key to space. Michel van Pelt, head of section Cost Engineering at ESA ESTEC, will give a lecture about rocket planes. This lecture will cover the whole history of rocket planes and gives an analysis of the diverse trends and records, while looking into the exiting future of rocket planes.

After Michel told us about rocket planes and his experiences at ESA, we're going to look at the opportunities for students and young professionals in the space sector as a whole.

Is it very difficult and stressful to work in the space sector? Is it only for engineers, and only for the best of the best? The answer to all of these questions is: no!

We're going to show you how inspiring and diverse the space sector is, and how you can pursue a career in it.

This event is organized by Space Society Twente and KIVI Students Twente.